When you are designing a new product, then you will want to spend time thinking about the function of the product and whether it is suitable for the intended purpose, but you will also need to give some thought to the appearance of the product. Whether you are selecting a fence to surround your property, a piece of equipment or something that will be primarily decorative, the appearance will be important to you, but for many items, the final finishing that is applied is important for far more than decorative purposes.

One finish, which is increasingly popular, is powder coating. A powder coat finish involves spraying tiny particles of resin and pigment onto a surface to form an attractive, protective coating. Here are three reasons that you should consider an industrial powder coating finishing on your next product.

An industrial powder coating finish will last

There are many ways you could finish a product. You could apply a cat of paint, you could polish it or apply oil. Few of those options will prove to be as durable as industrial powder coating. A powder coating finish will be resistant to damage such as scratching and chipping. It will also resist fading so it won't need to be reapplied every few years.

An industrial powder coating finish can be applied quickly

Paint and similar finishes can look good when they are applied but reaching that stage can take a while. Painting a piece of equipment can involve not just spraying on the paint but also a flash off period to remove the solvent. Items which have been powder coated can move directly from the application of the coating to the oven. Reducing the production time allows the overall cost of the product to be lower and lead times to be shorter. It also cuts down on the amount of storage space needed at the production site since the product does not have to be stored waiting to be placed in the oven.

An industrial powder coating finish protects the environment

When you choose a liquid finish for any product it is likely to contain harmful solvents, which will pollute the environment. A powder coating does not release any pollution when it is applied. Not only is this cheaper for the manufacturer, but it is better for our world as well. Speak to a supplier today to learn how you can start using industrial powder coating today.