Bronze is a traditional casting material. For much of human history, people have been using bronze castings to create statues, sculptures and products. This process involves pouring liquid bronze into a clay mould, where it sets. The mould is then broken open to reveal the finished bronze object. There are several advantages of bronze castings compared to those made from alternative metals. If you are trying to decide between bronze castings versus castings or gold, silver or some other metal, take a look at these advantages of bronze.

1. Affordability

Bronze is much less expensive than silver or gold, which are some other traditional casting metals. Therefore, you can afford to experiment much more with casting designs without worrying about wasting valuable materials. Bronze can also be recast more than once, which means that if you do make a mistake, you can melt down the faulty product and re-use the material to avoid waste and therefore keep costs low. The most significant cost involved in creating bronze casts is the cost of purchasing bronze casting equipment, but once you have made this investment, you can use the equipment over and over again.

2. Malleability

Bronze is a very malleable metal. After the casting process, you can make adjustments to the cast to create a perfect product. For example, if the shape you want to make is very complicated and intricate, the best way to create might be to cast a rough version to which you can then make small changes. This approach gives you a huge amount of flexibility regarding the fine details of the design and the textures you can apply to the surface of your finished product.

3. Durability

Bronze is so durable that archaeologists have recovered bronze casts that are thousands of years old. Unlike other common metals, such as copper or iron, bronze resists corrosion when exposed to air, UV radiation or chemicals. It is the ideal choice if you want to avoid problems with rust or oxidation without blowing your budget on more expensive corrosion-resistant materials such as silver, gold and platinum.

4. Appearance

When you polish bronze, it develops a warm, metallic glow that has hints of red, orange and green. Although bronze does not have the status of silver or gold, it can be extremely beautiful. If you are looking for a casting material that can offer an excellent appearance, bronze is a good choice.