Metal is a popular choice of roofing for both commercial and residential buildings around the world, and with its unique combination of durability, wind resistance and ease of fitting it is easy to see why. However, the main disadvantage of metal roofing is its vulnerability to rust and corrosion, so any metal roof needs to be protected with some kind of waterproof coating.

There are a wide variety of these coatings offered, but one of the most practical and popular is powder coating. Unlike liquid paints and treatments, powder coatings exist in solid powder form and are 'baked' onto the surface of metals using specialised kilns. This process provides powder-coated metal roofs with outstanding protection, and the unique properties of powder coating also have other advantages.

What are the advantages of protecting my metal roof with powder coatings?


As previously mentioned, powder coatings render the roofs they are applied to practically immune to rust caused by rain and ambient moisture. This protection is far more thorough that the rustproofing offered by other coating options, primarily due to the durability of powder coatings and the relative thickness of the finished coat.


Powder coatings possess far more durability and longevity than other metal roof coating options, such as rustproof paints and galvanised coatings. They are particularly adept at shrugging off damage caused by heavy rains and intense sunlight, and can even take a beating from the occasional falling brick or tree branch.

Aesthetic choice

Many other metal coatings are only available in a limited choice of colours, leaving you adrift if you seek a more distinctive look for your roof. Powder coatings, on the other hand, are available in a vast range of colours that rival the versatility of regular roof paints, and the right shade can be found to compliment just about any building style. Lighter shades of powder coating are particularly useful for reflecting some of the sun's intense rays during summer.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike many paints and vinyl coatings, powder coatings do not contain harmful solvents, volatile organic compounds or other potentially damaging environmental hazards, so the process of manufacturing and applying these coatings is relatively environmentally friendly. In addition, powder coatings can be stripped away from unused or unwanted roofing slats using special chemical compounds, allowing these unwanted slats to be easily recycled.

Cost effective

Although powder coatings are generally more expensive than standard roof paints, they can be applied much more quickly and easily by firing large numbers of roofing slats and other metal products inside large kilns. The economy of scale of this approach allows large numbers of coating orders to be completed cheaply and swiftly, as well as reducing downtime on your roofing project.