A well-made aluminium boat is more than a simple vessel for plying the rivers and seas -- if well looked after, it can become a long-lasting heirloom to pass down to future generations  However, while aluminium boats are magnificently durable and long-lived, they are not invulnerable, and encounters with hidden rocks, smaller vessels and other maritime obstacles can see your boat sustain some serious damage.

Fortunately, one of the many advantages of aluminium boats is that they are more easily repairable than conventional fibreglass boats, and professional welding services can provide quick, long-lasting repairs that can reverse even the most extensive damage. If your aluminium boat has taken some damage, consider hiring an aluminium welding service to get your boat back on the water as soon as possible.

How should I choose a welding service to repair my boat?

Not every welding service is capable of providing aluminium welds, so naturally you should look for a welding service that does offer aluminium repairs as a first priority. However, you should also priorities finding a welding service that has experience working on maritime welding projects -- many welding companies offer dedicated marine welding services, with specialised equipment and experienced welders capable of repairing a wide variety of watercraft. 

What types of damage can welding services repair?

As a general rule, certain components are more likely to receive damage than others, and marine welding services will generally have experience when it comes to repairing these commonly-damaged parts. As such, welding services are particularly useful for repairing the following boat components:

  • Cracked, pierced or otherwise compromised hulls
  • Badly dented hulls (the distorted section of hull is generally irreversibly weakened by the stress of denting, and is often replaced with a welded-in section of new aluminium)
  • Rudders, stability fins and skegs
  • Handrails
  • Cleats, fishing rod and fender holders
  • Masts and yardarms fitted to aluminium sailing craft

What are the advantages of choosing welded repairs over epoxy repairs?

In certain cases, minor instances of hull or fitting damage can be repaired using aluminium repair epoxies. These epoxies are applied to a crack or gouge in the boat's aluminium, and form a tough, watertight seal to restore limited strength and prevent water ingress.

However, while these repair epoxies are easy to find and quite attractively priced, they are not suitable for permanent boat repairs, and will eventually perish and lose their strength. Welded aluminium repairs, on the other hand, can possess strength and longevity rivaling the undamaged aluminium of the rest of our craft, providing long-lasting security and great peace of mind.