Most people know that drinking a good amount of water a day is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, how safe is the water you are drinking? A number households may swear off tap water due the different chemicals use to decontaminate it. However, replacing your drinking water with filtered water in plastic bottles will bring another problem to the fore. Exclusively using small, portable, water bottles will contribute greatly to pollution, as the environment cannot break down these plastics. The question remains, what would be the ideal way of having access to clean water without increasing your carbon footprint?

This is where a water dispenser comes in handy. Investing in one of these for your home will present you a myriad of benefits for both your bank account as well as your loved ones. Here are some reasons why investing in a water cooler is a much better option to filtered or tap water.

You get quality assurance

There are several reasons why this water is considered a better option for consumption. For instance, these bottles are sealed so you can be confident in the fact that you are the first person gaining access to that water. Secondly, whether the companies filter or purify the water means the less the likelihood of impurities and contaminants.

It is eco-friendly

As aforementioned, one of the problems associated with choosing the smaller water bottles is that they pose an environmental hazard. To begin with, it harms our environment by having to manufacture those bottles in the millions yet they are only used once. Secondly, the plastic cannot be sufficiently recycled hence; they almost always end up in landfills. You do not have to worry about this when it comes to water for your dispenser as the companies reuse their bottles after being sterilized. Additionally, you will not be buying the bottles each time you need water meaning that you will not be contributing to the pollution of the environment. Refilling of these water bottles not only ensures your family has a constant supply of quality water, but that you are playing your part in going green.

It is budget friendly

Having a water cooler may end up being more affordable than having to buy bottled water on a regular basis. The main investment would be in buying the dispenser. However, if you would not want to purchase one outright, you can still opt for a water cooler rental and stop making payments whenever you choose. Water refills are also much more affordable than purchasing cartons of bottled water.