When asked to picture piping, many people will picture a metal pipe. While metal pipes certainly have their place, residential plumbing systems often benefit from using plastic pipes instead, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Easier to Work With

One of the major problems with using metal is that it cannot be very easily cut to size. If pipes are being used for a home's plumbing system, they often need to be cut to size away from the home, and it's very hard to make alterations. In contrast, plastic pipes are very easy to cut, and their lightness compared to metal makes them easier to carry. As such, plastic is generally the best option for the DIY crowd, but even professional tradespeople will appreciate the material's convenience.

2. Versatility

Once it has been manufacturer, a metal pipe is not supposed to bend. Metal pipes can be manufactured in rings, which will allow some measure of flexibility, but this is quite expensive. In contrast, there are several plastic fabrication methods to ensure you enjoy a more versatile selection of piping options. For example, extruded plastic pipes can be made either static or flexible, just like a hose, which is great when they need to be worked around corners. As an added plus, plastic piping is available in a variety of colours. This means that pipes can be colour coded to ensure that either the homeowner or another tradesperson will know exactly which pipe is which in the event of repairs or replacements being needed in the future.

3. Rust-Proof

Metal pipes are often rust-resistant, but the strongest metals, such as steel, won't be entirely rust-proof, and this can be problematic for a number of reasons. Firstly, rusted pipes will need to be replaced, or at least maintained. Secondly, rusted valves or screws can become jammed or stuck thanks to corrosion. Thirdly, loose rust can work its ways into the water. Of course, you can use epoxy coating to protect against rust, but the coating can be scratched and the process is relatively expensive.

4. Cost

Even with all those benefits on its side, plastic piping is still far more cost-effective than metal piping. The raw materials and manufacturing process both involve a reduced cost, and the lightness of plastic means that it is cheaper to transport. Better yet, plastic pipes can be reused or recycled a lot more easily. This comes with the additional benefit of making plastic piping a more eco-friendly option than metal piping.

For more information about having pipes made for a plumbing system, contact a plastic fabrication company.