If you are looking for a fun holiday project to do with the kids, consider making Christmas flags and other fun projects related to Christmas flags. Flags are an effective way to decorate a large portion of your home, and when you make them yourself, you add family bonding to your holiday. To get you inspired, here are five super fun crafting ideas:

1. Flag Garland

A flag garland is versatile – you can hang it on your Christmas tree, over your mantle, in a doorway or outside your home. To make flag garland, all you need is a piece of twine and some old fabric. You can use virtually any type of old fabric, or you can use paper as well. If you opt to make paper Christmas flag garland, consider integrating old Christmas cards or photographs into the project. If you like the idea of repurposing items, you could even use an old Christmas flag as the fabric for your flag garland.

Cut the fabric into diamond or rectangle shapes. Then, fold each piece in half and slide it over the twine. To make the small flags stay in place, you can glue their halves together or you can put a small stitch in them to hold them in place on the twine.

2. Repurposed Christmas Flags

A Christmas flag garland is not the only option for repurposing old Christmas flags. If you have flags from previous years that have become tattered or worn along the edges, you can make them into other fun Christmas decorations.

If you cut an old flag down to size, it can become the face of a festive Christmas throw pillow. You can also turn old flags into fun tree ornaments. Take a small picture frame and frame a bit of the flag's fabric. Then, attach a hanging ribbon to the top of the frame. If you like, glue buttons or other embellishments to the framed fabric.

3. Interactive Felt Flag

If you don't have any old Christmas flags on hand, buy some felt and engage in a fun felt flag crafting project. This is especially fun for people with small children. Basically, you are going to hang a large piece of felt on your wall, and you are going to have smaller pieces of felt on hand for your kids to put on the flag as they like.

The possibilities are virtually endless. Your large flag could have an empty stable, and the small felt pieces could depict Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus and the rest of the Christmas nativity gang. Alternatively, your large flag could have a blank Santa face on it, and your felt pieces could consist of fun eyes, noses, beards and other changeable features.

4. Advent Calendar

There are thousands of different ways to make a Christmas flag advent calendar, but if you've got basic sewing skills, consider making a burlap pocket calendar.

Cut a large rectangle and several small squares out of burlap. Then, sew the small squares to the large rectangle so they form pockets. Stamp, paint, draw or glue numbers to the pockets so they can help you countdown to Christmas. Put cute daily prizes ranging from wrapped chocolates to small slips of paper promising back rubs or other special treats in the pockets.

5. Candy Cane Flag Poles

With some PVC pipe, you can easily create a flag pole for your homemade flags. Simply buy a few pieces of PVC pipe, some end caps, some angled fittings if desired and some red tape.

Cut the PVC to your desired height, and wrap it with red tape to create a candy cane look. Add an end cap to make it look tidy. Then, plant it in the ground and attach your flag. If you like, you can use angled fittings to make unique shapes with your PVC pipes.